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How BICS GLOBAL created Trusted Ecosystems by Block chaining using hyperledger.






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Establish the objective, set goals and secure necessary resource for the project. Plan how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time. Determine the mechanism to disseminate project communication and reports

Define the entire project in detail, checks the project’s feasibility and also divide the workflow into sprints. Evaluate and validate requirements against business needs, technical possibilities, internal capabilities, alternatives, and budget realities.

Design product/software along with data structure and database design. Work for coding and deliver the desired software/product. The tasks are subdivided into sub-phases called Task Allocation, so every coder has an own task.

Product goes through a pilot study to see if it’s functioning properly. Check whether the software product runs on various systems. Make sure the project deliverables have been completed as planned.

Make sure to release the bug free product to customer and ensure that the end product meets the customer specifications. Document the test case and test scripts along with test results for the whole application.

Upgrading and integrating the application with new systems, provide additional testing on version upgrade. Transitional support to the business after the project is launched. Monitoring the performance of application after project completion.

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